Tincan is a pop up restaurant project by the architects AL_A serving only the finest tinned seafood from around the world. There’s no kitchen, just a super healthy menu of 30 exceptional delicacies and the extraordinary graphics of the humble tin taking centre-stage.

Tincan was inspired by a trip to Lisbon where the AL_A team discovered a restaurant in a former fishing tackle shop that specialised in tinned fish. What started as lunch quickly became an idea and then a new project.

Everything in the space has been designed by AL_A; from the walls in black Corian (which display the tins), to the tables and chairs made by Iduna, Portugal, and the lights which show off the wafer-thin OLED light source technology.


“a perfectly designed room…”
“This place is a beguiling idea…”
“it’s fascinating and amusing and tasty, in parts. You should all go”

AA Gill, The Sunday Times

“The moment that the tin really becomes the star act, though, is when its contents are poured onto the plate.”
“When word gets out about what good tapas tinned fish makes, though, it’s going to be packed like sardines.”


"one of the most talked about new dining concepts to come out of London this year"

Norwegian Air in flight magazine

“a welcome break from the clichéd melange of unpainted OSB and jam jar cocktails still plaguing London’s foodies…a break from typical pop-up frippery…as much care has gone into balancing the features of menu as conceiving the interior”

“Somewhere between its urbane originality and fishy offerings, Tincan magically dissolves the boundary between food and form.”

The Architectural Review

“tincan isn’t your average restaurant…We’re sold”


“One of the more intriguing culinary experiments we’ve seen in some time… a most unusual joy”

Cool Hunting

“a joyful paean to tinned seafood of every kind”

The Economist

“The squid is my favorite, and goes well with the plate of bread that comes as a standard side dish at Tincan, along with a very small bowl of salad greens. The anchovies taste nothing like what I was expecting: Instead of sharp, salty, “pizza anchovies,” these are fleshy, smooth-textured.”

National Public Radio, US

“Tincan has deftly combined haute cuisine and everyday food… [a] re-imagining of tinned food…elevating hyper-local, specialist foodstuffs from around the world.”

LSN Global

“The latest gourmet eatery to cause a stir in London…”

Waitrose Weekend